the use of social media in presentations

With social media being such a major part of most people’s lives these days, isn’t time that presentations have social media being brought into it. There are literally millions of hashtags on Twitter and with the ability to just create one allows you as a presenter to get real time feedback or a place where people can follow. You can post a link so someone can get more information, or even have someone reading the hashtags about your presentation and be able to gain an edge on criticism.

Now with the internet and video conferencing, we can chat and send instant messages all day long but having people tag you to ask a question would get more views as other people that follow the first person sees that they are asking questions to you and you are answering them. This can bring positive feedback towards you if you respond and it allows you to defend yourself real time if anything negative happens that you can control. shows six ways social media helps your presentation. It can be found by clicking here. The six ways are listen, create, present, broadcast, measure, and adapt. Listening allows you to get to know your audience. After getting to know your audience you can create message. While presenting you can monitor feedback or even stream live chatter to the audience. Broadcast your events to gain more popularity like YouTube and even invite some bloggers to help support you. Measure not by how many people showed up but if your message was received and stick. Lastly, adapt to this feedback and from all information you have gathered from the above steps.

As you can see many people have already started to incorporate social media into their own presentations and it has worked out well for them. Even the news shows how many likes a certain video has received or even shows the tweets towards famous people and their responses to them. All in all I think adding social media into a presentation is a good way to keep your audience involved.


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