My last post

So for my last post there isn’t anything exactly I need to talk about as long as I stay on topic of either future tech in presentations or social media being used in presentations so, why not do both. The future of social media is a large part of what the internet is trying to find out. Social media has evolved so much over the few short years that it has been around. We have always had forums and such but nothing that we could really sit down and show off the most important thing about our life, which is us.

I think the future holds a great forum as to which presenters will be shown in different ways. In the recent years, the gaming industry has shown how streaming content over the web allows users, or presenters, the ability to show their skill and also communicate with the community. When someone streams they are presenting a lot of different things. Some have agendas such as’s creative section where people broadcast how to do things such as needle point, painting, making music, and a plethora of other various skills that someone may have that someone else wants to learn.

So what does the future for presenters have in store? I think more live action things so that the world can participate instead of the few that were able to get tickets or was able to travel to your location. As I have mentioned before in a previous post live action seems to be the way that people are going. With virtual reality coming to into the picture for average home use, I am predict more virtual reality things coming. The technology is there for use to be able to host something that someone can feel that they are actually there without actually being there. I myself that would find that very enjoyable to experience as it would for many other people.

In conclusion, the future has many possibilities and I am excited to see how it would all play out. I hope presenters would enjoy the new technology that is coming and find a way to make it work for them.


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