future technologies to be used in presentations

When it comes to presentations, there is a lot of different things you can do. You have the Power of Microsoft PowerPoint, the Internet, and many other things already there. But for the future, what do you think will be available to be used?

I myself find many different things readily available already. We now have virtual reality. With virtual reality coming into the market and dropping in prices, many people are able to purchase them. You have Samsung gear that can be used and with Oculus Rift releasing for the PC world, we are beginning to see so much virtual reality hit very close together. Microsoft has come out with HoloLens which is a type of augmented reality that allows you to look around you and see things. Imagine sitting on your couch and joining a presidential debate and as you turn your head, you can see the walls, the stage, and the presidential candidates. I mean, how awesome would that be! On the other side, the person can see you on a screen and make eye contact with you and answer your question. Teaching would be changed. You could teach to the entire world and everyone would be able to watch you and interact with you. We have Skype and other various video conferencing services available but being able to being able to gather the full experience of being there when you may not be able to would be awesome as an audience member.

Having this ability as a presenter would help get your word out. Video streams are great at the moment and as mentioned above, being able to grasp that feeling of being there is so much better. Gathering all the hype that is going on around a person and being able to broadcast it out to the world is so much better than just watching it in 2D or even in 3D that we have today.

There are other future technologies that haven’t emerged yet or even though of. Some seem so futuristic that we even in this age do not think it can exist.


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